FMWhatsApp APK Download 2022: FMWA V9.21 (New Update Right Now)

FMWhatsApp APK Download 2022: FMWA V9.21 (New Update Right Now)

FM WhatsApp is a mod application on WhatsApp where you get more features than WhatsApp.FM WhatsApp has many of these features that WhatsApp does not have, which is why FM WhatsApp is so popular today.

FMWhatsApp APK Download 2022: FMWA V9.21 (New Update Right Now)

For example, when someone sends you a message on WhatsApp and deletes it,
Then you will not be able to see that message, but if you are using FM WhatsApp, you can also see that deleted message. 

The Ultimate Alternative to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very popular and widely used app all over the world.It’s an instant messaging feature that does it all.It can work – even by sending messages, calls, video calls and documents over the Internet.

FMWhatsApp APK Download 2022: FMWA V9.21 (New Update Right Now)


For many countries where Skype and social media sites are blocked – this is a lifesaver.However, as more and more people started using WhatsApp, countries began to realize this and they also started blocking the app.App Name – FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp APK 

File Type – APK

Version – v9.21

Supported Devices – Android 4.0+

Last Updated on – One day ago

FMWhatsApp APK 9.21 – Download APK

Size – 53.00MB

License – Freeware


That’s why people are constantly looking for the next best thing. An app that offers the only features they love.Meet FM Whatsapp – A model of the original WhatsApp that helps you to get past restrictions and restrictions imposed by the government and developers. This is a revolutionary app that allows you to enjoy all the features you expect from WhatsApp.But it does not end there, this app brings more to the table as it gives you extra security.

Features of FM WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp APK Download 2022: FMWA V9.21 (New Update Right Now)
* Two different Whatsapp accounts on the same device without making any special efforts.

* Privacy and Theme modifications.

* It Supports Video and Audio calling with a new UI.

* Hide the last seen option.

* Show “Online/Last Seen” on the main screen.

* Themes Store with 100+ styles to download.

* Choose from 30+ Ticks and Bubbles styles.

* No need for loading for media previews.

* Send video size up to 1GB.

* Add up to 250 Characters in the status field.

* Click and copy anyone’s status.

* Change app launcher and notifications icon.

* Big emojis.

* Bug fixed and improvements.

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Key Features of FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp APK Download 2022: FMWA V9.21 (New Update Right Now)


* Theme Mods (many theme styles helps in conversations style change)

* Privacy Mod settings

* Support audio and videos calls

* Hide last seen

* Ban proof (No risk of getting banned)

* Show online / last seen on the main screen

* Send video up to size of 30MB

* See media preview without any loading

* Statistics counter for group chats

* Update status with up to 250 characters

* Copy anyone’s status by just one-tap

* Change the app launcher icon and notification icon

* Big Emojis styles and many more features

How to update FM whatsapp

Every application gets an update and FM WhatsApp gets an update every month, in which case if you do not update the FM WhatsApp your FM WhatsApp will stop and in this case you will get FM WhatsApp. .

WhatsApp cannot be used.Why?And How To Solved This Problem.

If you are using FM WhatsApp, in that case when there is an update, you will get a message that you need to update any WhatsApp.If you ignore that update message, in that case you can delete all your chats and stop your FM WhatsApp at any time. If you want to update FM WhatsApp, the official website of FM WhatsApp, you will not be able to do so from there, as you will not be able to update FM WhatsApp because a pop-up ad will appear that will never close.

FMWhatsApp APK Download 2022: FMWA V9.21 (New Update Right Now)

We have brought you a solution to this problem, where we will teach you how to update to the latest version of FM WhatsApp.So you can connect to our telegram channel Technical Chhora where you can get all the updates on FM WhatsApp first and you can update your FM WhatsApp.If you do not use Telegram, you have nothing to worry about at that time, because we will update you here as well.

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